International Journal of Hematology

DOI: 10.1007/s12185-017-2236-y Pages: 212-220

SOX11 regulates the pro-apoptosis signal pathway and predicts a favorable prognosis of mantle cell lymphoma

1. Chinese Academy of Medical Science & Peking Union Medical College, State Key Laboratory of Experimental Hematology, Institute of Hematology and Blood Diseases Hospital

2. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University, Department of Hematology

3. Beijing Tsinghua Changgung Hospital, Tsinghua University, Department of Hematology

Correspondence to:
Lugui Qiu
Tel: +8602223909172



Sex-determining region Y-box 11 (SOX11) is an important diagnostic marker in mantle cell lymphoma (MCL). However, the direct oncogenic mechanisms and downstream effector pathways implicated in SOX11-driven transformation remain poorly understood. In the present study, we analyzed SOX11 expression in B-NHL, and used lentivirus-mediated RNA interference targeting SOX11 to investigate the resulting changes in cellular processes and the underlying mechanisms in MCL cell lines. We found that patients with higher SOX11 expression have superior overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) compared to those with lower SOX11 expression. SOX11 silencing promotes proliferation and inhibiting apoptosis of MCL cell through caspase-9-3-7-PARP signaling, and desensitizes MCL cell to bortezomib. Conclusively, our data suggest that SOX11 represents a useful prognostic marker in mantle cell lymphoma.

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