International Journal of Hematology

DOI: 10.1007/s12185-018-2537-9 Pages: 35-40

What do the lineage tracing studies tell us? Consideration for hematopoietic stem cell origin, dynamics, and leukemia-initiating cells

1. University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Center for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at Institute of Molecular Medicine, McGovern Medical School

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Momoko Yoshimoto
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The recent advance of technologies enables us to trace the cell fate in vivo by marking the cells that express the gene of interest or by barcoding them at a single cell level. Various tamoxifen-inducible Cre-recombinase mice combined with Rosa-floxed lines are utilized. In this review, with the results revealed by lineage tracing assays, we re-visit the long-standing debate for the origin of hematopoietic stem cells in the mouse embryo, and introduce the view of native hematopoiesis, and possible leukemic-initiating cells emerged during fetal stages.

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