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We know how much you care about how information about you is used and shared by the people, businesses and organizations with which you interact. We also believe that, in order to validate your trust in us, and to maintain that trust, it is important that you understand why we collect certain information about you, when we collect that information, and how we use it. Please take a moment to read our Privacy Policy carefully in order to learn more about our information handling practices.

This Privacy Policy covers the collection and use of any personal information relating to you that may be collected by us any time you interact with us, either through the use of our Website or any related websites operated by us or an affiliate under our control.

The defined terms in this Privacy Policy are those set forth in our Terms of Use, into which this Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference.

What Information is Typically Gathered

We collect various types of information from and about the Users of our Website for a variety of purposes, including processing requests, improving the User experience with our Website, communicating with Users and providing support. Without limitation, we may collect personal information from our Users when they visit the Website, request information about Content, products or services, make purchases, enter into licenses, submit surveys, or participate in sweepstakes or other promotions. We collect that information to help us better meet User needs and to gather a greater understanding of our Users and their preferences and expectations related to the Website and to us.

From time to time, we will also request various types of personal information from you, including your first and last name, current address, e-mail address, phone number, age, credit card number and password. We request personal information only as we believe is reasonably necessary and as reasonably tailored to the functions of the Website, including, without limitation and only if they are provided by or through the Website, subscriptions, registrations, purchases, downloads and uploads.

In some instances, you may be given the option to decline to provide information. In other instances, we will require the requested information in order to provide the particular function of the Website.

Information Collected from other Sources

In the event that we provide Website functions to Users that require the review of their credit histories, we may seek that information from reputable credit-reporting services. That information will not be shared by us with third parties.

Information collected Automatically

When using the Website, our system may automatically collect information about your visit, including your Internet protocol (IP) address, and various other technological pieces of information that might include, without limitation, browser type, version of browser, plug-ins, clickstream data, operating system and date and time stamp.

Cookies and Related Technology

“Cookies” are alphanumeric identifiers that automatically transferred to your computers hard drive through your browser to enable our systems to recognize your browser and to provide certain features and to permit our system to recognize you when you log on. We may use cookies and other technologies to help us identify which parts of the Website are the most popular, how easily Users are navigating through the Website and how much time is spent by them in each section. Cookies also help us customize the User experience. You may disable cookies and may remove them from the place where they are stored on your hard drive; if you do, however, certain functions or areas of our Website may become unavailable to you.

In the event that you become set up to receive automatic e-mails from us, some of our e-mail communications to you may include a “click-through URL” linked to a particular page on the Website. By clicking on one of those URLs, you will automatically enter the Website or other sites. Our systems may track that information to gauge the effectiveness of our e-mail communications and your level of interest in particular subjects and offerings. You always have the option not to click on URL links in our e-mail communications. Please note that we will never send you an e-mail with an imbedded link that asks for your password or any financial or account information. If you ever receive such an e-mail claiming to come from us, please contact us.

We may also use tags to identify what pages of the Website are visited most frequently and to evaluate effectiveness of the search functions on the Website.

How information is Used

From time to time, we may use information relating to you to contact you about your participation in surveys, contests or other promotional activities. We may also use your information to communicate with you regarding product and service offerings and upgrades or to provide you with news updates and articles of interest. If information relating to a third party is collected from you, such as when you purchase a gift (if such a function is offered by the Website at any time), we will use the information only for the purpose of processing the transaction and we will not retain the information or share it with any other person or entity except as required to process the transaction.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We may provide User personal information to unaffiliated third party marketers, if permitted under applicable law and if, as requested of you from time to time, you elect to let us do so. If you so elect to permit that sharing and subsequently elect to discontinue it, please call us at 212-460-1613 or send us an e-mail at . If we do provide that information to third parties, it will be under limited circumstances, to parties we believe have products or services that may be of interest to you. Once the information is shared with a third party or transferred to it, the use of that information is governed by that third party’s privacy policy and not this Privacy Policy. If you opt out of receipt of any such information, we may continue to send you e-mail about items, products or services that you have previously purchased or licensed (such as information about product upgrades or recalls) or for administrative matters related to them, such as order confirmation and delivery status.

To help us provide you with better service, we may share personal information relating to you with affiliated entities. We may also share personal information with third-party joint venturers, processors or vendors, as necessary, to process orders or requests, provide extend credit, fulfill and ship orders, provide customer service, perform customer-satisfaction surveys. Your election to opt out of other data sharing by us and is not an opt-out for the data sharing described in this paragraph. The only way to opt out of the data sharing referenced in this paragraph is not to use the Website.

We may also share personal information as required by law. At times, we may share personal information in aggregate, such that no one individual can be identified.

Because certain products and services that we may offer on the Website for sale or license will be protected by copyright and other intellectual-property rights, we may be required to share personal information with third parties for purposes of determining and calculating royalty or other payments related to compensation for intellectual-property rights. Once that information is so provided to a third party, the use of that information is governed by any policies and standards of that third party and not this Privacy Policy. Your election to opt out of other data sharing by us is not an opt-out for the data sharing described in this paragraph. The only way to opt out of having your data shared with parties supplying products and services referenced in this paragraph is not to purchase or license those products or services via the Website. If you choose not to allow the information to be so shared, you should not proceed with the transaction.

Access to Your Account

Depending on the Website features you will use, once you log on to the Website, you can change your password, update billing information or shipping address, change preferences, and make other modifications to your User profile and Website use options.

Safeguards to protect customer information against loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

We take seriously our commitment to secure your personal information. We utilize technological, physical, and administrative methods to protect personal information against unauthorized access, loss, theft, misuse, alteration, disclosure or destruction.

In the event that there are features on the Website or sites associated with it that require for you to have a password, you can help us protect the personal information you provide to us by keeping that password confidential at all times and by not sharing it with anyone. You should also change your password frequently and be sure to use a combination of letters and numbers.

Deletion of Information

You may request that we delete personal information collected about you once it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected. To make such a request, please send us an e-mail at

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We regularly review our Privacy Policy to help us keep it up to date. From time to time, therefore, we may update or revise this Privacy Policy. We urge you to review the posted Privacy Policy from time to time for changes made to it and to refresh your understanding of it. Information you Provide If the Website at any time permits the submission or posting by you of Content, we may ask for personal information about you and information about the submission or posting. If the Website at any time uses a subscription or registration model for any function, additional personal information about you may be requested by us, including, without limitation, information related to methods and means of payment. Any function of the Website that may, from time to time, allow Users to post or upload information, or to “chat” or otherwise provide information about themselves to other Users could result in the transmission of personal information about you to parties unknown to you. You should be aware that personal information (including your name, e-mail address, address, or phone number) provided by you in a posting or upload on the Website, if a posting or upload function is provided by the Website at any time, may, depending on the nature of the activity and the posting or upload, be available, in whole or part, to other Users with access to the applicable portion of the Website. It is possible that such a User could use that information in a manner unintended by you, such as sending you unsolicited or undesired communications. You should therefore treat any personal information provided by you in the context of a posting or upload as public information. We therefore urge you at all times to act cautiously in providing any information about yourself in the context of any posting or upload.

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